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Todd Sparks 

"The Party Doctor"

Cheri Edwards 

"Sunshine Cheri"

Where to Tune In This Week!

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Permanent Vacation Radio - The Beach

Monday: 2 PM- 3 PM EDT

Tuesday: 10 AM- 11 AM EDT

Wednesday: 5 PM- 6 PM EDT

Thursday: 9 PM- 10 PM EDT 

Radio A1A

Thursday: 5 PM EDT

CJXF Radio

Friday: 7 PM  MDT 

Beach Front Radio

Thursday: 8 PM EDT

Cruisin Country Radio 

Thursday: 5  PM EDT

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This Weeks Food & Drink Recipes


Bourbon Molasses Salmon


  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees

  • A glass Pyrex dish lightly coated in olive oil

  • Bourbon molasses seasoning mixed in with half a stick of melted butter

  • Three or four salmon filets placed in the Pyrex dish

  • Coat them with a basting brush in the bourbon molasses butter mix

  • Pour any extra in the dish around the salmon filets

  • Cool at 450 degrees for 15-18 minutes

  • Serve on plate accompanied by a delicious spring medley salad!


Virgin Dirty Martini

  • Get a cocktail glass,

  • fill it 2/3 with ice,

  • add 2/3 ice water

  • 1/3 dirty martini olive brine (olive juice)

  • I personally like Stirrings brand, then stir it all together,

  • add 3-4 Mezzetta Castlevetrano Whole Green olives 

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