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This Weeks Food Recipes

Shrimp Creole


-Like 5 pounds of jumbo shrimp 
-A 28 ounce can of whole tomatoes 
-A giant yellow onion diced, or two normal ones
-A green bell pepper diced 
-A stalk or two of celery diced
-Just a whole pile of garlic cloves thinly sliced
-Like a tbsp of minced lemongrass
-A handful of mint leaves minced
-A handful of basil leaves minced
-A heaping spanking maneuver of Donald Link’s spice blend
-A tbsp of allspice berries, ground up in a mortar and pestle, or a good, good ol pinch of ground allspice 
-Two bay leaves 
-Olive earl
-Worcestershire sauce
-Urfa Biber or Aleppo pepper 


  1. Get those big ol (peeled) shrimp in a bowl and toss with a buncha that spice mix. Toss in the lemongrass and some salt and get it mixed up. Get a dutch oven hot and quickly cook the shrimp in olive earl in batches for like 30 seconds a side. We’re not cooking them all the way, no sir/ma’am. We’re doing this so we can bloom those spices and lemongrass. Remove the shrimp and set aside but keep that sticky spice stuff in the pan.

  2. Add more oil/earl if necessary and toss in that trinity with another sprinkling of kosher salt. Cook that for like 10 minutes until soft and reduced in volume. Toss in your garlic and all the allspice. Cook for a couple more minutes until that allspice fills your heart.

  3. Add the canned tomatoes and mix it up real good, making sure to smash up the tomatoes with a wooden spoon. Add the bay leaves, a couple glugs of Worcestershire, cover, and put on a low simmer. It should look like wet-ass pico de gallo. Make sure you cover it because there’s not a whole lot of liquid in there and you don’t want this to reduce, just break down.

  4. Some folks cooking this for like 10 minutes. Idk wtf that is, but I do about 40 minutes. I want these tomatoes to break down and become one with all this good stuff. After about 20 minutes, you should taste and salt. Add some sugar too because canned tomatoes’ acidity bites back too hard. Mellow that shit out with a lil sugar and butter (but remember we ain't makin' ketchup. We want to keep some of that bright tomato attitude). Come back to it and add salt until it’s so good you want to eat it right now. Titillate it with a lil more Worcestershire…yea. And keep it covered!

  5. Get those shrimp in there and get all that juice too. Toss in your minced herbs, a spoon of sambal, and that fancy pantsy urfa biber pepper. Cook for maaaybe 5 more minutes to finish cooking the shrimp from earlier.

  6. Serve over rice.

Thank You for the awesome recipe!

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